Collaborative Divorce

in Connecticut


Collaborative divorce is a process through which divorcing parties attempt to resolve their divorce-related issues by negotiating a settlement without resorting to court proceedings. Each spouse is represented by his or her own attorney who is collaboratively trained. Parties who participate in the collaborative divorce process commit to full disclosure and transparent communications. Cooperative practices replace the adversarial techniques which are present in a litigated divorce.

As your Collaborative Attorney, we still represent your interests. The collaborative process minimizes conflict between parties, especially when children are involved, and promotes the long-term ability to communicate. It allows parties to focus more on their goals rather than their positions, as is often the case in an adversarial divorce 

A mental health professional, called the "Neutral Coach," and/or a financial professional, called the "Financial Neutral," both of whom are also collaboratively trained, are often brought in to assist the parties during the proceedings.  The team of professionals works in the service of both participants. 

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