Our Practice

Probate, Estate and Lifetime Planning


Our probate practice encompasses administration and settlement of decedents’ estates, including liquidating assets, distributing property to heirs, establishing guardianship of minors, and paying necessary estate taxes. We also are experienced in related areas, such as the creation of conservatorships and settlement of trusts. Our attorneys provide support and advice to clients throughout the difficult process of handling a loved one's estate.

Many probate disputes can be avoided through careful estate planning - an area in which our firm is also highly skilled.

At times, probate litigation is necessary, and we are experienced in matters of will and trust interpretation, will and trust contests, and defense and prosecution of claims by and against estates and estate fiduciaries.

Estate and Lifetime Planning

Wills and trusts are be the basic "tools" of wealth preservation and estate planning, but building an effective strategy for managing accumulated assets and transferring those assets to loved ones, charitable organizations, or other parties requires skills that go beyond the basic preparation of documents. The object of estate planning is ultimately to effect a seamless transfer of assets to designated beneficiaries. When that time arrives, our firm assists families through the estate settlement or probate process, including guiding fiduciaries through the resolution of claims and other disputes, in a professional and compassionate manner consistent with the desires of our clients.